Monday, November 15, 2010

TAG! My Perfect Imperfections

So, Andrea from Andreaschoice made up a youtube tag video focusing on her "Perfect Imperfections". The way I interpreted this tag was to focus on the "imperfect" things about yourself that make you who you are. It also shows that everyone is human and has things that they don't like about themselves...little insecurities. But also with that comes the things that you DO like about yourself. I decided to follow along the other youtube gurus and film my own Perfect Imperfections video. I hope you can watch this and other guru's videos and be inspired to embrace who you are. :) and maybe even possibly uploading your own perfect imperfections video! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Tutorial: Peacock

AAAH! So I completely forgot to post a ...well..blogpost on another halloween tutorial that I did before I left for halloween weekend. It was a peacock look. I dont know what's going on with youtube or my editor, but my videos have been uploading funny lately. I'll upload a certain edited version (or so i think i did) and then when I see the video on my page, it shows up with random cuts. Eh, oh well. I tried to re-upload several videos so many times, and nothing changed. Hopefully my latest video will upload correctly soon enough! ANYWAYS, onto the peacock look. I was a peacock this halloween! I didnt do too much crazy stuff with my makeup though. I was going to and then I realized that I didnt' have much time to get ready. This is what i originally wanted to do. Click here for the Youtube tutorial!

But this is what I ended up doing for the actual halloween party. It was a similar look to my "sexy secretary" look but I added a hint of dark blue and purple eyeshadow. You probably can't tell by the pictures though. I also made my own costume! These were the only photos that you could actually see my costume in.

Enjoy~! :)

Tutorial: Sandara Park from 2ne1 - It Hurts MV

Hi guys! So I'm sorry I haven't done a tutorial/blogpost for a couple days. I was out of town the the weekend. I figured I would start up again by posting a simple look. If you guys haven't seen the new 2ne1 music video, go check it out. Dara's makeup was so simple and cute so I wanted to do a look like hers. It really didn't consist of much besides eyeliner and blush. Here are a few screencaps of the music video.

I know I look ABSOLUTELY nothing like her, but why not give her make-up look a go? Haha. I'm a bit tanner than her so my blush doesn't show up as vivid as hers does and I don't have double eye-lids...but I hope you guys get the idea! Here are a few pics.

Products Used:
BH Cosmetics - 88 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
BH Cosmetics - Neutral Eyeshadow/Blush Palette
Missha BB Cream - shade 23
Mary Kay Mineral foundation
TheFaceshop Lovely Me:Ex auto eyeliner - black 01