Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Tutorial: Peacock

AAAH! So I completely forgot to post a ...well..blogpost on another halloween tutorial that I did before I left for halloween weekend. It was a peacock look. I dont know what's going on with youtube or my editor, but my videos have been uploading funny lately. I'll upload a certain edited version (or so i think i did) and then when I see the video on my page, it shows up with random cuts. Eh, oh well. I tried to re-upload several videos so many times, and nothing changed. Hopefully my latest video will upload correctly soon enough! ANYWAYS, onto the peacock look. I was a peacock this halloween! I didnt do too much crazy stuff with my makeup though. I was going to and then I realized that I didnt' have much time to get ready. This is what i originally wanted to do. Click here for the Youtube tutorial!

But this is what I ended up doing for the actual halloween party. It was a similar look to my "sexy secretary" look but I added a hint of dark blue and purple eyeshadow. You probably can't tell by the pictures though. I also made my own costume! These were the only photos that you could actually see my costume in.

Enjoy~! :)


Amy said...

I love your peacock dress!

evie said...

wau, this is great!