Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've been away for SO LONG! I haven't been able to upload ANY videos to youtube because I haven't had time to film nor could i blog! I just currently took my MCAT exam and then moved from Michigan to Alabama the week after. So with that being said, I guess you could all understand why I haven't had time! I tried to edit a few videos during this past few days, but for some reason my windows live movie editor keeps crashing halfway into the editing process! ARGH! It's getting me so frustrated! Anyways, I have pictures rather to make up for my lack of blogging!

I would like to start off with...I DYED MY HAIR AGAIN! I know i know..I shouldn't dye it so often. But, I figured I would dye it back to black to match my natural hair color so that I wouldn't have to touch up every month. I used the Wella color gel in Very dark brown and I used a 20volume developer. The results were a lot darker than I had expected (Keep in mind that I haven't had all-over black hair in about....6 years) It was kind of a shock at first but it's been about a week now and the color has become less intense. But I like how it looks now. Not too dark, but dark enough. Here are some pics of the shades my hair went through in order to lighten it to the point that I wanted it to be. And then a few pics of it after i dyed it black again! I know the pictures of my lightened hair doesn't seem that drastic...but in real life it was pretty light. People were telling me that I looked BLONDE! Lol

Here's a few un-edited pictures of my face after using Graftobian HD Glamour Creme (in Enchantress). I used my Mary Kay mineral foundation over it to set it and then a little bit of bronzer. It seriously gives you a FLAWLESS look with just a little bit of product. SO GOOD! Especially if you're going to use it for a photoshoot!!! I'm so glad I bought this stuff. I'm definitely going to repurchase when I hit pan
Without flash and with flash

This is a simple back-to-school look I did. The video will be posted as soon as I can start editing again!! Ignore my dry lips! UGH hahahha

Here are a few pictures of the back-to-school look closeup. 

I just tried out these new circle lenses!
It's the EOS MaxPure Pink circle lenses. I got them without prescription. 
They're actually pretty comfortable and I like the way they look!

Let me know what you guys think about circle lenses and the graftobian foundation!!

Until next time,
<3 Jean

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