Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was bored and figured I would play around with some of my more vibrant colored makeup. This look is still completely wearable for everyday but still has that pop of color. I used my BH Cosmetics 88 matte eyeshadow palette. I also used an NYC white eyeliner as the base...this REALLY intensified the colors!!! It was only $0.93 at wal-mart! hehe :D I love finding good deals. Well, here's the look!


Anonymous said...

is there a tutorial for this look?

JTwoK4 said...

:( sadly no. it was the night before i was going to leave for a trip so i didn't wanna bother with having to film, edit, then upload. hmm, maybe i should do a tutorial for it. lemme know if you want me to. lol

Anonymous said...

yes please! :D
if you have time lol