Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NOTD: Kawaiii~~~

This is a terrible picture, but neither of my camera's batteries are charged yet so I had to use my webcam on my lappy. Sorry!! :( After I got done, I realized it's kind of a down-played gyaru nail art type of nail. It's blingy and bold but not toooo much. I think it's a completely wearable nail.

I used a pearl wet'n'wild nail polish from a LOOOOONG time ago for the base color(i'm surprised it hasn't gotten too clumpy and unusable) Then using a holographic black polish from Missha I drew an angled tip. I think the hardest part was adding the silver "lace" detail with an art brush nail polish. I realized that this part was completely unnecessary by the time I finished -_-. Then, using a clear top coat, I painted one finger at a time and added flatback rhinestones of two different sizes before the clear nail polish dried. I'm really clumsy with my nails, so the rhinestones always seem to fall off. I'm always washing dishes without gloves, etc. I guess I don't take too good care of my nails >< Anyone have any suggestions on keeping nail decorations last? I'd LOVE to hear them haha.

Welll, here's the disgustingly grainy and unflattering picture. I'll try to upload a better picture in the near future.

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