Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just painted my nails!

I haven't posted anything about my nails but I figured "why not!?". I used L.A. Colors art deco polishes in a black and silver glitter. These come with those really thin brushes so it was a lot easier to paint the tips of my nails. I also used and L.A. Girls clear polish as a top coat. I got the first two from a dollar store but I think you can also buy them from Forever21 and the top coat I bought from All of these were quite cheap. I'm not the best at nails because I absolutely CAN'T wait longer than 30 seconds for my nails to dry so they always get ruined! I was watching TV this time so it wasn't too bad not to fidget :) I've been trying to grow out my nails. I used to play piano for quite a while so I'm not used to having longer nails. I've also been taking vitamins and that's REALLY helped my hair and nails grow. Hopefully, I can keep them looking decent >< Anyways... Enjoy!

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